Custom Built Weissenborn Guitars

Comission the Weissenborn guitar of your dreams. Each guitar is tailor made to your requirements and can be customised in almost every way.

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The Weissenborn Range

Inspired by the iconic four styles of Hermann Weissenborn.

Individually crafted from the finest solid tonewoods available and finished with a beautiful satin lacquer finish.

Style 1

From AUD$2700
USD$1780, EUR€1630, GBP£1380
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Style 2

From AUD$3200
USD$2110, EUR€1930, GBP£1640
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Style 3

From AUD$3700
USD$2440, EUR€2230, GBP£1890
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Style 4

From AUD$4200
USD$2770, EUR€2530, GBP£2150
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Custom & Bespoke Creations

Long and short scale Weissenborns, deep and shallow bodies, 8, 10 and 12 string Weissenborns and many more variations are possible. I can work with custom tonewoods, trim and marquetry to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind instrument. Get in touch to discuss custom builds.